Poems, poetry, poesy – call it what you will – for me, these words conjure up images of a bygone era – a genteel pass-time invented for aging spinsters to fill their dull lives or of consumptive weedy guys intent on making some mark in history before their malady whisks them away before their time.

Whereas the equally ancient Haiku, by contrast, sounds somehow modern, edgy, interesting.

This is just a thought about the intrinsic power of words to create an impression. I am no expert, but I love the use of language to entertain, educate, titillate – but until someone imagines a better word than “poetry” then I rather think that the public at large will mostly continue to turn away from this particularly rich art form in favour of more instantaneous stimulation. This is rather perverse, because, at its best, a poem can capture in just a few words what might easily take pages in a novel. Intimation, alliteration, allusion – an elegant shorthand for clumsy prose, no less.

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